Crosbies is a family company that specialises in the highest quality hand made produce.

We bake from scratch using the best quality fresh natural ingredients. Local free range eggs, real butter,  British flour & sugars. The flavours in our cakes and brownies come from natural sources - real lemons and oranges, fresh grated carrot, pure vanilla extract and delicious Belgian Chocolate. Our food contains no artificial colours, preservatives or any other nonsense, just great tasting ingredients  made with care and skill. If we wouldn’t eat it,  we won't put it in our food … and we’re very fussy !

Our signature product is Crosbies Chocolate Brownies. They are the reason we started up Crosbies in the first place - so many people kept asking Clare for them that the kitchen at home was soon swamped. Ten years later the kitchen is a wee bit bigger but the brownies are still made exactly the same way.

Our cakes are all made using traditional baking methods. We start with real butter and sugar and add free range eggs and flour. Surely all cakes start with these ingredients? Sadly not these days but we know that people can taste the difference between a handmade cake and the end product of an industrial process. It takes longer but we think it is worth the extra effort - we think you'll agree.