Handmade Bara Brith

Handmade Bara Brith


Bara Brith is a classic accompaniment to tea that can be enjoyed either on its own or spread with butter. It is a fruity alternative for those strange folk who don't love chocolate and it contains almost no fat - that is until you cover it with cool, real dairy butter !

If you wondering what Bara Brith is, it's a Welsh tea bread - Bara Brith actually means 'speckled bread' in Welsh, the speckling being the currants and raisins in the cake.

(Clare began making this when she was running the restaurant for a record label . One of the artists called Mr. Tom Jones needed lunch so it seemed appropriate. He liked it so much she had to make a lot more Bara Brith to send to Los Angeles for a Jones family celebration. If you are making something definitively Welsh, a seal of approval from Jones the Voice is about as good as it gets!)


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