Handmade Double Chocolate Brownie

Handmade Double Chocolate Brownie


Our original brownie and still the connoisseur's choice. These are for real chocolate lovers who adore the rich intensity of Belgian chocolate with 74% cocoa solids. You'll find it in the brownie itself and the chips of chocolate hidden within. A deeply satisfying combination of flavours that will stay with you.  Great straight from the pack or try them as a pudding - warmed just enough to melt the chocolate chips and served with vanilla ice cream and red berries. You can make a deliciously simple sweet treat by taking the brownies cold straight from the fridge and cut into quarters. Your bouche will be very amused.


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A pack of four Double Chocolate Brownies with a minimum total weight of 200g.

Double Chocolate Brownie ingredients:

Belgian chocolate (74% cocoa solids), butter (milk), sugar, free range eggs, self raising flour(wheat) (raising agent: sodium bicarbonate), coffee.


Nutritional information

Double Chocolate Brownies per 100g

  • ENERGY kJ 2030 kcal 489
  • PROTEIN 5.3g
  • CARBOHYDRATE 38.9g of which sugars 32.3g
  • FAT 34.6g 0f which saturates 20.9g
  • FIBRE 4.6g
  • SODIUM 0.2g